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Increase in demand for Hand Hygiene products

As you know, we sell a plethora of Deaf Equipment items and accessories here at Connevans as that is our main field of expertise.

But did you know that we also sell a large range of Purell hand sanitising products?

Hand sanitising products are the most simple and effective way of reducing the threat of acquired infection from germs transferred directly by hands. In light of the current news and threat of Coronavirus across the world we have of course seen a higher demand for hand hygiene gels. Click here to read the full update on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, Wuhan, China from GOJO (including information about Purell products).

Our Purell hand hygiene range is usually aimed at audiologists as well as individuals but primarily facilities that deal with patient contact. The gel kills 99.9% of the most common illness-causing germs in as little as 15 seconds. With handy dispensers or pump action bottles you can sanitise your hands quickly and easily, removing the need to make a special trip to a sink or bathroom. This is of course important for audiologists when handling hearing aids and accessories.

Purell hand hygiene rubs are handy for any situation in which you are coming into contact with others. The personal use bottles are small enough to keep in a bag and are useful for travelling via public transport, applying before eating hand held food and are a great alternative to using public toilet sinks and hand dryers.

We hold in stock a number of the Purell gel sizes from bulk packs to personal use bottles but anything that we do not stock in our warehouse is currently taking around a week to arrive with us. If you are unsure before ordering, just contact us via info@connevans.com and we can advise accordingly.

Clean your hands! - A great poster to teach children the basics of hand sanitising.



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