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Are Your Stethoscopes Ready for Coronavirus? An update from Thinklabs One...

You may well have seen the Thinklabs One Stethoscope on our Deaf Equipment website. Used by both medical and veterinary professionals, the Thinklabs One is the smallest and most powerful stethoscope in the world and it is ideal for professionals who use hearing aids. Hearing aid users have four ways of using a Thinklabs One stethoscope and it amplifies over 100X.

Thinklabs have shared the latest guidance in relation to Coronavirus, here's what they have to say:

We've compiled this guidance on using Thinklabs One in the Emergency Department with personal protective equipment (PPE) and recommended cleaning and disinfecting procedures. We are providing this information in response to the CDC calling for hospitals to be prepared for coronavirus.
Don't wait. In 2014, hospitals called us only after Ebola admissions began, and we had to fly cross-country and personally deliver Thinklabs One, the only stethoscope that could be used with PPE. The One has since become a standard of care for infectious disease and biocontainment.

Infection Control in the Emergency Department

Thinklabs One can be used inside a protective barrier, such as an ultrasound condom. This is especially useful in a busy ED, when prescreening needs to be accomplished quickly and safely. Because of the amplification and sound quality of Thinklabs One, auscultation is not hampered using this method.
Learn more about barrier protection and infection control.

Auscultating with Protective Gear

Thinklabs One can be used in several different ways by healthcare workers in infectious disease wards. For example, the stethoscope can be used directly using headphones or earbuds, even while wearing PPE. In this case, personnel don disposable earbud headphones prior to covering the face and body. The headphone wire is snaked out of the PPE, and then connected externally to the stethoscope. The clinician is then able to listen to the patient while being fully suited up. Listening via Bluetooth from an anteroom is also possible. Learn more.

Cleaning and Infection Control

As we know, stethoscopes can carry just as many germs as hands, so cleaning between patients is an absolute necessity. The One was designed with smooth surfaces, making cleaning and disinfecting easy. Thinklabs has tested a number of standard hospital cleaning agents and found that alcohol wipes, Steriplex, Cavi-Wipes, Sanicloth Plus, and Dispatch are safe to use on Thinklabs One. Learn more here.
Thinklabs One has also been successfully tested by the Canada National Microbiology Laboratory (Biosafety Level 4) for decontamination using vaporized hydrogen peroxide and gaseous chlorine dioxide.

Make Sure Your Thinklabs One is Ready!

You own the One, so you're already a step ahead. Before crisis strikes close to home, make sure your One is charged and ready. Battery replacement is free under warranty. Find out how to send your One in for service.

**Preparedness Checklist: **
• Is your Thinklabs One battery charged?
• Do you need additional headphones?
• Do you have enough accessories, such as extension cables for PPE?

Visit our website for full information about the Thinklabs One Stethoscope and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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