Connevans Goods Inwards - The First Line of Defence

Being in Goods Inwards at Connevans – “The First Line of Defence” as David, our Glorious Leader, has more than once called it, is a curious mix of going to the Gym (and getting paid for it!) and being a Detective (and getting paid for that too!).

In the 22 and a half years that I have worked in Goods Inwards, I’ve witnessed all manner of items pass through the double doors. From the tiniest component used to build the FmGenie to 1 Tonne pallets (well, it sure feels like that! I’ve lacked the strength to weigh them accurately!) full of Connevans catalogues which is where the real cardiovascular workout takes place for the Connevans workforce! From Wheelchairs to Tuba cases (yes, really) I have seen them all.

Photo by Lucas van Oort / Unsplash
As for being a Detective? Well, it’s one thing having goods arrive through the doors and another thing to finding out who they are actually for or even if they are for here at all! Missing delivery notes, personal orders that don’t have the recipient’s name on the parcel – all are valid reasons for donning the deerstalker and shouting (internally, at least) “Come on Watson! The Game’s afoot!”

Photo by Felix Hanspach / Unsplash
Nowadays, the system is much more accessible. In a firm that makes Equipment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people you soon realise that Communication is Paramount.

By Ross - Connevans PI (sorry G.I., aka Goods Inwards)