BabbleGuard Classroom Noise Indicator

BabbleGuard Classroom Noise Indicator

Every new product comes with a simple 'lightbulb' moment of inspiration and this simple product is a light strip in 3 colours, which just so happen to replicate a traffic light - simple eh?!
The BabbleGuard is a beautifully simple solution to encourage young children or students to keep the classroom noise at a comfortable level, helping them with all the students to concentrate, listen and learn.

A unique feature of the BabbleGuard is that designed and manufactured in the UK by Connevans, keeping manufacturing alive in the UK :-)

The BabbleGuard is an attractive LED bar, with a sophisticated sound sensor. The bar varies its colour using the traffic light pattern of green, amber and red to reflect the level of sound in the classroom. Red too noisy, amber you need to be a bit quieter and green, just right :-)
The BabbleGuard is being used successfully in a wide range of learning environments, in mainstream schools and where there are children with special educational needs or a hearing impairment, where the level of background noise can be doubly important.

The BabbleGuard is quick and easy to install, either vertically or horizontally usually over or alongside the whiteboard, but anywhere where both the teacher and the class can see it easily. It includes high quality LEDs, which give a really pleasing light which is relaxing and easy to look at for long periods.