Can I Use My Hearing Aids Outdoors?

Can I Use My Hearing Aids Outdoors?

Can I use my Hearing Aids outdoors? This is a qustion we are frequently asked, often at this time of year. The weather is nice, you might be sitting in a pub garden or at a BBQ or maybe out for a walk, a picnic with family or a cycle ride with friends. How can you make sure your hearing aids help you and work at their best in these situations.

Ear gear are colourful & effective, they help protect your hearing aids from dirt, dust, sweat, moisture and from losing them in the grass! They can also reduce the effect of wind noise when a hooley is blowing while you are trying to keep the sand out of your picnic!
Ear Gear has been tested and found to be effectively acoustically transparent, so there is virtually no loss of sound quality. Ear gear comes in a variety of sizes to suit different hearing aids, including a version specifically for people who wear hearing aids and glasses together, so you can still wear your sunglasses.

How about a cycle ride? You don't have to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats, but a short ride in the country comes with it's challenges if you can't hear advice & directions, even warnings from someone you are cycling with - so how about the Phonak PartnerMic for Marvel, Paradise & Lumity hearing aids? Using the PartnerMic with these hearing aids means you will be able to hear the person wearing it at up to 25m distance, so just tuck in behind them, let them 'take the wind' and enjoy a ride knowing they can keep you informed of directions coming up20220702_171540_resized

How about going out for a nice walk in the country? Any hearing aid user with the 'T' setting on their hearing aids can use the Roger Select and NeckLoop receiver to hear the person they are walking with. The hearing aid user wears the neckloop and their companion simply wears the Roger Select microphone, here's a video of when David made a new friend when he was walking in the country!
Then after the walk, when you get back to the pub, simply put the Roger Select on the table and you can pick up the conversation from all around.
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Or if you have one of the many appropriate types of Oticon Hearing Aids, the Oticon ConnectClip Bluetooth Wireless Microphone can also be used outdoors on a nice walk or at the Pub!!3o178509D

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How about Clay Pigeon Shooting? You might be worried about the noise and the potential damage to your hearing. A pair of Phonak Serenity Choice Reusable Earplugs with 19dB acoustic filters, these are high-end hearing protection from the hearing care specialist Phonak. They protect a users ears from the peak sound pressure level of gun shots, explosives, etc, but at the same time they allow voices and background noise to be heard, so you can hear instructions and keep safe. The patented filter technology allows natural hearing, situational awareness and communication, all very important.Serenity-construction
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During the summer, we sometimmes have very humid weather in the UK or perhaps you are going overseas somewhere hot & exotic. Moisture is the most damaging nemeses of hearing aids, but help is at hand! A Zephyr Drying Box helps to reduce repairs and enhances the sound quality from your hearing aids. Zephyr operates on an 8-hour cycle, and utilizes warm, moving air, a proven solution for maximum drying effectiveness. A small fan continuously circulates warm, dry air for the entire operating cycle, causing moisture to move out of the hearing instruments by diffusion. 3pwwp2
If you have Phonak hearing aids, many (not all) of the different aids they offer can be helped by Phonak's Wind & Weather Protection Microphone Filters. Clinical studies prove that the wind and weather protection provides ultimate microphone protection and eliminates microphone drift resulting from dirt and humidity.
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The Wind and Weather Protector is an exclusive Phonak system designed to protect high-tech behind the ear microphones from dust and humidity. As a result they last much longer, reducing the service costs and performing better.

So the answer is Yes, enjoy using your hearing aids outdoors, there are many products which can look after them and make them more effective ! Enjoy the summer Sunflowers field
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