"Do You Make Your Own Products?"..."Yes, We Certainly Do!"

"Do You Make Your Own Products?"..."Yes, We Certainly Do!"

In 1961, when Connevans began trading, we designed & manufactured Language Laboratories, "What's one of those?" I hear you say. In a nutshell, the Language Teacher sat at the front of the class with a headset and a bank of switches.

The students also had headsets and sat in what looked like rows of rabbit hutches! The teacher spoke in French, German etc. and the whole class could clearly hear him or her.
Now here comes the clever bit, when the students answered, the teacher could flick a switch and hear what a single student (or group of students) was saying and the students would never know if they were being listened to, or their friend next door.

Perhaps this was a 1960's version of Big Brother - did I mention that the Teacher could also record the students?!!
Well these Language Labs were the early products from Connevans and they were sold across the UK and in many countries around the world, from Australia to Russia and Finland to Sri Lanka (or Ceylon as it as called then), they were shipped by Land & Sea and often we had to send a member of staff to make sure they got there in one piece! DSC_2951


Well jump forward 60 years and we ae still making products at our factory here in Surrey - "Manufacturing in Surrey?" I hear you ask - Yes, we certainly are, here at Bridge House!P1010848

From the fmGenie Radio Aid system, used in Education & Business around the UK (and the World come to think about it!)PGFMG6_2 to the Lion Intelligent Hearing Aid Loop Indicator Sign 40ILION_b and the BabbleGuard Classroom Noise Indicator 86babble1_1 to a variety of Hearing Aid Listeners/Checkers
22880F these are just a selection of the products still made by Connevans to exactly the same high standards that we used to make the Language Laboratories all those years ago.

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