Growing Old the Easy Way !

Growing Old the Easy Way !

OK, so we are all getting older, the idea that ageing is a natural, inevitable part of life is so fixed in our minds that we rarely question it, even though some biologists have been questioning it for a long time. But for most of us, 'Syndrome X' or a permanent state of infancy is fairly unlikely, so perhaps the best we can do is find some simple products to help us with everyday tasks that we find more dificult as time marches on.

But where do we find these products? How do we know what is available to help us? It's simple of course, the Daily Living section in the Connevans web site!

Who knew such things existed? Like a rather clever Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand with Flexible Neck!
or a Plastic Handle Button Hook Zipper!

Then again, you might like gardening but be finding it a litle more difficult than it used to be, so how about a rather colourful Garden Weeder Tool with Ergonomic handle?


As time marches on, more & more of us take pills regularly, it could be medicine or vitamins or chocolate, who knows?! This is where a simple pill dispenser comes in really handy!


We have to be careful too, the older we get, sometimes holding heavy items like a full kettle isn't as easy as it used to be, so we have a simple to use kettle tipper which can reduce the risk of accidents.


When we do get a bit older, sometimes holding small items can be trickier than it used to be, something like a game of cards, isn't as easy, but larger laminated playing cards can make it a pleasant & fun experience for everyone again (no more accidentally showing your hand to your opponent!).


Do you like to do crafts but sometimes it is a little difficult to see & even hold small items? This magnifying glass also has two helpful clips on arms to hold small things in place, how useful could that be?! No more searching on the floor for things you have dropped!


In many cases people tell us they didn't know these items existed, but they are so pleased they have found them, they have gained a new lease of life !!

So for your new lease of life, have a look at the Daily Living Aids section on the Connevans web site.

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Photo by Eric Masur / Unsplash