When is a Hearing Aid Battery like a Jaguar?

When is a Hearing Aid Battery like a Jaguar?

In 1800, the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta invented the first true battery, which came to be known as the voltaic pile. The voltaic pile consisted of pairs of copper and zinc discs piled on top of each other, separated by a layer of cloth or cardboard soaked in brine (i.e., the electrolyte) - what a long way we have come since then !!

The introduction of Nickel & Lithium based batteries towards the end of the 20th century made the development of portable electronic devices feasible, from powerful flashlights to mobile phones and of course hearing aids.
One night in June, a great friend of mine and I decided to explore the local forest at night. Being a popular place to go for a walk during the day hours, we decided that we wanted to visit the area at a much less popular time of the day. So we packed our things around 12 pm, drove to the forest, and this is what came out of it.
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Hearing Aid batteries are now almost exclusiveley Zinc Air batteries, when the battery is exposed to air, a chemical reaction begins and the battery can become active. This is where Connevans comes in, with the UK's widest selection of hearing aid batteries :-)

Batteries for Hearing Aids come in 4 different sizes with a number and a colour (just like Tokyo Tube trains!) ... MBN_hearingaidsizes

Rayovac are regarded by many as a market leader, Duracell Activair are a well known quality brand, PowerOne are manufactured in Germany by Varta Microbattery & Signia (Siemens) are a well known German brand.

New arrivals at the Hearing Aid battery party are Phonak, one of the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers, as one expert recently said, "if you drove a Jaguar and you could buy a Jaguar car battery, you probably would" - the same applies to Phonak hearing aids & batteries !!

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So the next time you change the battery on your hearing aid, spare a thought and offer a quiet 'Grazi' to Signore Volta, without him your hearing aid might still be like the old fashioned ear trumpet some of us remember non too fondly.

Photo by Mark Paton / Unsplash