Connevans Giving a Little Help to Future Teachers of the Deaf

Connevans Giving a Little Help to Future Teachers of the Deaf

When we were approached a while back to give a talk to students who are training to be Teachers of the Deaf, we thought well it's really nice to be asked and yes of course we would be delighted to help.

Back in the days when folks visited us, every few months we would have different small groups visiting our HQ, aka Bridge House.
The format was often quite similar, but with each group being different every time it was a fun & enjoyable experience for us and so they told us, for our visitors too.

Now let's be honest here, what they didn't say was that Lunch was the highlight of the day, but reading between the lines and looking at the empty plates, we were pretty sure this could be the case! Easy parking in our car park was probably highlight #2!

We used to give everyone a guided tour and a chance to meet our friendly staff - we would start in Customer Services (always jolly)
20210226_114525_resizedThen move on to Goods Inwards & Picking/Dispatch in our Warehouse,20210226_092049_resized then onto our Production area,20210226_092454_resized having a look along the way at the robotic machine (called Bertha) which makes our printed circuit boards.) 20210226_092254_resized

We'd meet our Design Director, go through the Design Studio, see where we make our product training videos and even have a look at the tea room where we make and serve the infamous Connevans Christmas lunch for 30+ staff.

We would have a look at some of the products we sell, the usual and the unusual, Radio Aids, Hearing Aid Puffers, Telephones, TV Listeners, Megaphones, Signing Puppets, and much much more.300p033-1

Then there would be some hands on demo of products, most often the Roger equipment or sometimes a Hearing Aid Test Box, then of course Lunch :-)
So when we realised we were going to be doing our talk & demonstration 'virtually' on Zoom, with no lunch (or parking), we were a little nervous, we didn't have our two highlights. Then the event grew & grew from students from one course, to over 70 from HI courses across the UK, including Universities in Edinburgh
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Leeds "Is Slow?" - A winding road in the Yorkshire Dales with marking on made by cyclists.
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The day came last Friday, 70+ participants, presentations on Connevans and many of our products by Phil Boswell & Richard Vaughan and everyone was very enthusiastic and positive. What a lovely friendly and charming bunch - in fact, it was just like we were altogether, not like being on Zoom at all !

But next time, let's hope we are all at Bridge House, so our guests can enjoy Lunch, and the Car Park of course :-)
Good Luck with your courses, from all of us at Connevans.

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