If Carlsberg Made Pager Systems

If Carlsberg Made Pager Systems

A knock at the front door, a visitor coming through the back door, it's time to get up, a baby crying - all occurrences which have happened for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years. These happen every day of our lives and we think nothing of it - but what if you are deaf or hard of hearing? Will you miss the postman knocking on your door? Will you be shocked when your neighbour lets themselves in through the kitchen while you are relaxing in the lounge? Will you be in trouble at work for regularly missing the bus and arriving late?

All of these situations and many more can be resolved by the flexible & comprehensive Bellman & Symfon Visit Pager system.

Bellman Visit is about as simple as it can be. A comprehensive selection of transmitters (eg doorbell, clock etc.) and receivers (flashing, vibrating) and you can put together a system to suit your home perfectly. As long as you have one transmitter and one receiver, you have a working Bellman Visit system - after that you can add as many of either which you need for your home. You can have as many as you like and they all work together wirelessly, no tricky 'pairing' or setting up required.

The Bellman Visit Receivers are the alerting devices which flash, vibrate etc to tell you that something is happening within the home.
The Visit Pager Kit includes a charger for your pager as well as a bed shaker so you can still receive alerts at night. The pager alerts you with discreet vibrations and uses coloured LED lights to differentiate between the Visit signals so you know immediately where the alert has been triggered, it can be neatly attached to your belt or be tucked away in your pocket.

The charger also features backup batteries and remains fully functional during power cuts
The flash receiver alerts you with bright flashes when the doorbell or telephone rings, when your baby needs you or if a fire should occur etc.

Our evaluation panel found the flash receiver to have a bright and powerful strobe light, suitable to attract your attention, even when you're not looking at it. As a silent alert option, the flash would be useful for someone who wanted a visual alert or who didn't want to wear a device with a vibration alert.
The flash receiver is very easy to set up and use. Just connect it to the mains and place it on a table or shelf. You can also mount it on the wall using a wall bracket accessory. The Alert signal identification has 4 coloured LED lights which light up the appropriate alert symbol.
The Bellman Visit Alarm Clock Receiver with Vibrating Bed Shaker works as both a standalone alarm clock as well as a receiver for the pager system and features advanced functionality such as a bright flash made up of four LED lights, a vibrating bed shaker and an extra loud alarm.

With 4 Visit indicators above the display, you can connect this alarm clock to your Bellman Visit home system so you can receive sound, light and vibration alerts giving you extra peace of mind that you won't miss the front door, a phone call, the fire alarm or baby monitor going off etc. There is a halo-style light around the face of the clock which is designed to emit a night light glow which helps guide you back to bed if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

The Bellman and Symfon Visit wrist receiver allows you to keep tabs on your home, letting you know via discreet gentle vibrations. The Visit wrist receiver is for use as part of the Bellman Visit alerting system and features clear icons that light up in different colours, making it easy to identify the alert. The wrist receiver is supplied with a silicone wristband that is kind to the skin and can be worn like a regular wristwatch as well as an alternative fabric wrist band.

Our evaluation panel found the Visit wrist receiver to be light and comfortable to wear. We found the range to be ok for an average house. The vibrations are powerful enough so you notice them during the day but they are not sufficient to wake you at night. The gentle vibrations are designed so as not to surprise you into dropping something if they go off while you're holding a cup of tea!
The Bellman Visit portable receiver alerts you with lights and sounds and can be kept close to you so you can have extra peace of mind that you won't miss the front door, a phone call, the fire alarm etc.

With a large ergonomic dial you can adjust the volume to suit, the lights and individual sound signatures are programmed to differentiate between the Visit System signals. It is battery-powered and completely wireless so you can take it with you, whether you're in the garden, the kitchen, the lounge etc. The powerful sound is adjustable up to 93dB, the battery life is long lasting, up to 3 years !

A bed shaker can be plugged into all/any of the receivers/receiver chargers to provide 24 hour alerting.

The Bellman Visit Transmitters are the devices which send a signal to the Receivers to alert you that a specific event is happening.
Bellman Visit Push Button Doorbell / Personal Call Button Transmitter is a great solution for anyone who would like to install a wireless doorbell within their home that connects to a wider alerting system.

It can be mounted by the front door, just like a regular doorbell. It is designed to withstand everyday use, virtually maintenance free and operates for years on a single battery. The push button can also be used as personal alarm for someone who needs to call for help within the home. It can be worn on a (supplied) lanyard.
The Bellman Door Transmitter is a great solution for anyone who struggles to hear their existing doorbell or intercom system or who does not want to replace an existing doorbell at home.
The Visit door transmitter works by recognising a doorbell (or intercom) sound and signalling all the receiver/s in your Bellman Visit system. It works with the majority of doorbells and intercoms by default and you can also programme the transmitter to learn & identify virtually any doorbell sound, so whatever your doorbell sounds like, the Bellman Door Transmitter should be able to learn it.

When the doorbell sounds, the Bellman door transmitter is activated and it signals all Bellman Visit receivers. 44BE1480_0
The Bellman Visit smoke alarm transmitter is used as part of the Visit alerting system. The optothermal sensor detects smoke and smouldering fire in the early stages and sends a signal straight to your Visit receiver/s.

This smoke alarm also features a low battery warning and there is also a built in 'silence mode' which is designed to avoid false alarms meaning it is suitable for use in areas with cooking fumes.
The Bellman Visit Carbon Monoxide Alarm instantly signals your Visit receiver if dangerous carbon monoxide levels are detected. Depending on the type of Visit receiver you have, you can benefit from a combination of sound, flashes and vibrations to alert you to dangerous carbon monoxide levels within your home.
The Bellman Baby Monitor Transmitter is a great solution for parents or carers with any level of hearing loss.

When the baby monitor is activated it sends a signal to your Visit receiver which notifies you with flashing lights, sound and vibrations - depending upon your chosen receiver.

Our evaluation panel found the baby transmitter, when used with a Bellman Visit system, to be a great solution for deaf parents or carers. It's easy to set up and use and the adjustable sensitivity is really useful, particularly as your baby gets older. The option to add in a Contact mat (purchased separately), extends the life of the system as it is great for older children who are able to get out of their own bed. This transmitter is not a 'monitor' in the sense that you can listen to or watch your baby, but it will pick up when they are making a noise and alert you. We would strongly recommend choosing a receiver you can wear or move around with you (eg. the pager or wrist-worn receiver) and a vibrating pad for night-time use.
When used as part of the Bellman Visit range, this is a reliable baby monitoring solution for deaf or hard of hearing parents.
Bellman Visit Landline Phone Transmitter & Smartphone Bluetooth Transceiver allows you to get Bellman Visit notifications directly on your mobile device!
The Bellman Transceiver is for use with the Bellman Visit smart home system and is a great solution for anyone who would like to be notified of Bellman Visit alerts on their mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch. Once you have installed the Bellman Visit app, you will start to receive Visit notifications on your mobile or tablet device. In addition, your Visit receiver will also alert you to incoming calls and messages.

Your home is the centre of your life. It's where you sleep, it's where your family lives, and it's where you feel safe. The Bellman Visit system is designed to watch out for your home so you can focus on yourself and your loved ones. When you have got your hands full, a Bellman Visit pager System will help you to keep tabs on ringing phones, simmering pots and buzzing doorbells.

Bellman Visit is the ultimate comprehensive system, as we said at the beginning - if Carlsberg Made Pager Systems!!

Photo by Adam Kring / Unsplash