Until You Need a Wheelchair You Never Know

Until You Need a Wheelchair You Never Know

OK - I'll be honest, I had quite low expectations when I bought this wheelchair for my father-in-law, but he didn't want to spend the many hundreds or even thousands of pounds on fancy specialist type wheelchairs.


He was a bit in denial and didn't think it would be much use - in the first instance it was used mainly for hospital appointments - even using the special parking spaces, hospitals can be very large sites so it was just to help him get around these long distances relatively easily.

Photo by NeONBRAND / Unsplash

That was 18 months ago. Today he can only walk a couple of steps with a frame and the wheelchair is critical for him.

Three times a week he has to go for dialysis - he's taken from his chair at home, to a family members car, back into the wheelchair to the bed at the dialysis centre. Then 4 hours later - home again.

In a couple of seconds the wheelchair folds up and easily fits into the boot of a variety of cars. When it is raining we can push the chair with one hand and hold a brollie with the other - it moves very easily. MXVA170BLUEdThe foot pads quickly clip on & off - the brakes work well, it looks today much the same as it did when we got it.

In a nutshell it's 10/10 from us for this wheelchair - we are delighted we got this one, it is much much better than we expected, has lasted really well and we wouldn't be without it. But, until you need a wheelchair, you never know.

PS: For the first time in nearly a year, we took my father-in-law to the park just along the road for a few minutes of fresh air - apart from hospital visits it was his first trip out in nearly a year. Great success - but - my mother-in-law couldn't walk that far even though it's only a few hundred yards each way - simple solution, back to Connevans to buy another one :-)

Photo by Will Paterson / Unsplash