When Designing Became Repurposing!

When Designing Became Repurposing!

Rather then designing a product, we re-purposed it! We removed & replaced the contents to make it do a different job.

When it became evident through the pandemic that more & more people would be using Zoom, Teams etc to communicate and virtually 'see' friends & loved ones around the UK & the world, we needed to find a helpful solution for hearing aid users. During these difficult times, our product design team had to 'think outside the box' and come up with a solution.

We needed a headset which could be used by hearing aid users, it had to be comfortable to wear over a period of time, the testing could only be done with a few members of staff and we needed a very quick turnaround.
Rather than start from the beginning, they found a product which worked well and changed it. They started with a comfortable good quality headset with a microphone, it was tested on members of staff to make sure it passed the comfort test for people with a variety of head sizes & shapes !
Then they took it to bits! The speakers were removed, they then replaced them with telecoils & circuitry. At this point, the headset worked perfectly for hearing aid users and in testing, it was found to be the only one on the market to reach & exceed the required field strength, in fact it has 10 times more signal strength than any other similar product.

From idea to designing, component sourcing, writing circuitry design, testing, writing instructions & product delivery, 2 months, probably a record for Connevans and anyone else - difficult times call for unusual methods - but still keeping with the exceptionally high standards Connevans is known for.